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“Whereareyou.in” is the first website in India, which searches for you, your missing friends, colleagues, relatives, neighbors with whom you have lost contact because, they have changed their mobile numbers.

“Life without friends, we cant except.” At times we may miss contact with our dearest ones, friends, relatives, or some who made your past for some reasons. This website is the best place for such people who are desperately in search of their missing friends. You can never say goodbye to any of your friends even if you don’t know their current mobile numbers, the old mobile number that is in your mind is enough for you to get back your missing friend through “whereareyou.in” website.

“Nothing makes the earth seem so spacious as to have friends at a distance.” So for those who want to shrink the distance created in their friendships due to lose of contact with their friends, whereareyou is the best solution.

This is the unique virtual place in the web world, where you can find your dearest ones along with their present address and their present status. This is a platform for all the people to stay in touch with each other. It provides a way to be in contact with the people from your past. The idea of bringing all the people together has made this site. Here you can locate your missing friends, colleagues, neighbors, relatives or anyone...

Whereareyou.in website is the most useful website for people like (friends, relatives, neighbors, etc) who wants to get in touch with their old friends whose mobile number has been changed.

Whereareyou.in the solution provided for those people who are in search of their missing friends. We can get our friends new mobile number (or changed mobile number or present mobile number), just by typing the old mobile number which you know. This can be possible only if your friend or relative or whom ever you are searching for has been registered in this whereareyou.in web site with all his email id, present/using mobile numbers along with his old mobile numbers.

Whereareyou is the “boon to friends” from the web world. If your friends, or colleague is a business man who uses multiple mobile numbers,To know your friends mobile number which he is currently using or the mobile number at which he is available or the mobile with which he can be contacted, can be known by a single button click. Just type your friends contact mobile number which you know, and get the mobile number(or contact number ).

Finally the whereareyou.in website helps everyone in “getting back their missed ones.” Along with this main theme of finding missed ones, this provides many social networking features like:
  • Reminders
  • Forum
  • Polls
  • Latest News and Events
  • Latest Games
  • Famous Quotes


These days’ people are busy with their working life and their other tight schedules. In this busy life you/they/we don’t find time to wish congratulate any of your friends/colleagues/neighbors on their birthdays or on any special occasions, unless reminded of theses special occasions by someone.

So, whereareyou.in takes the place of reminding people on occasions. Whereareyou provides two different ways of reminding people according to their convenience ie by “SMS” or “Email”. This SMS service is unlimited and is free of cost. Using this you can get alerts to your mail address. You can schedule Birthday alerts, wedding day alerts, meeting alerts, party alerts or any kind of alerts before time. And the SMS or the email will be sent to the corresponding person to whom you have scheduled.


Forum is the public facility to meet for open discussions. This is a place for discussion. A gathering for the purpose of discussion. A forum of discussion involving a panel of presenters and often participation by members of the audience; An Internet message board where users can post messages regarding one or more topics of discussion Here in forums you can post your question (doubt), and get replies/answers/suggestions to the questions or doubts posted by you. You can also view the posts by other people. Forum helps you gain knowledge by seeing the conversations going on through these posts and replies.


Polls are an easy way to know what most people think of a particular issue. Here you can vote on available topic /poll. Along with that we have provided an opportunity for user to create your/their own poll. You can find polls on different categories like business, movies, education, computers, politics sports and so on.
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